Insurance Fraud Management

A new approach to make the insurer’s expert knowledge actionable and optimally decide when it is worth asking the customer for additional information.

Streamline insurance applications and claims while controling the risk of fraud

Insurance Fraud Management

From expertise to actionable knowledge

Although insurance companies have a lot of expert knowledge about fraud behavior, being able to leverage this knowledge effectively and “operationalizing” it to improve fraud prevention and detection remains a challenge.

From expertise to actionable knowledge From expertise to actionable knowledge

Asking for information in context...

At the heart of the insurance business is the ability to accurately assess risk by obtaining additional information from a customer when it makes sense. Asking for information only if it is really necessary is key.

... only when necessary

While asking for additional information can help in identifying a potential risk of fraud, asking too many questions adds friction in the customers’ interactions and will deteriorate the conversion rates during underwriting or the customer satisfaction during claims processing.

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How a fraud pattern can be modeled by an expert and translated into executable software

How the resulting software is used in operations to effectively assess a set of specific fraud patterns and generate questions to be asked to the customer in context

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