Interactive Decisions and Explanations

- Data-driven automation

- Traceable decisions

- Smart customer interactions

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Intelligent Document Automation with Proof of Correctness

Make better decisions faster and generate complex documents

  • 1

    In a guided manner

    Use a contextual questionnaire to capture the minimal information needed to take a decision or generate a document

  • 2

    In an automated way

    Integrate decision and document automation APIs with your systems and databases

  • Provable logic
  • Domain expertise
  • Explainable results
  • Batch processing
  • Data on demand
  • Provable documents and decisions

    Automate in confidence:

    No bugs: provable logic certified by a proof of correctness

    No “garbage in, garbage out”: model realistic business data with robust validity constraints

    Provable documents
  • Driven by your domain expertise

    No limits: model complex documents covering a large number of business and legal situations

    Your expert rules: generate content driven by legal reasoning, risk assessment and best practices

    Maximize document acceptance: automatic verification of the formal constraints imposed by the document recipient

    Driven by your domain expertise
  • Deliver explainable results

    In response to a customer complaint or an audit, obtain a detailed and transparent justification

    Traceable results make it easy to understand the “why” based on recorded facts and logical steps

    Deliver explainable result
  • Enable batch processing

    Whenever possible, eliminate manual data capture by integrating with data sources and backend systems

    Enable batch processing
  • Acquire data on demand

    When manual entry is needed:

    Capture only the input data that is strictly necessary

    Minimize the number of questions asked to a customer by identifying the required data incrementally and in context

    Acquire data on demand

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  • (Re)inventing legal engineering

    (Re)inventing legal engineering

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    Insurance fraud management

    Model fraud patterns in a business friendly language. Ask for the minimal number of necessary questions to assess fraud safely

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  • Customer-centric process automation

    Customer-centric process automation

    Beyond customer intent detection, agree on a goal with the customer and automate service delivery in a goal-oriented fashion

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Leverage your business expertise to produce tailored document models at scale, automate with no errors

  • Document modeling

    Document modeling

    The NewRealEstate project: residential and business lease agreements

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    Decision modeling

    The Greenville project: legal eligibility requirements for public services

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