Who are we

The Provingly team originally comes from technology consulting. For quite a while, we kept asking ourselves: “How can we possibly be spending two days to capture customer requirements and two months to implement them in a working software solution?”

Intelligent Document Automation with Proof of Correctness

Bridging the gap between business and IT with executable specifications

Existing tools were too technical and created a large gap between the expression of a business problem and the actual implementation of a solution as an executable software. After working for two decades with all sorts of third party technologies to get as close as possible to the vision of “executable specifications”, we decided to define our own tools and created Luego, a business-friendly programming language designed to bring both safety and expressive power.
We have developed those ideas in three areas: intelligent document automation, decision management and customer-centric goal-oriented automation. Our goal is to help the business to be in control by democratizing programming: give them the autonomy to program their own logic or at least understand and be able to review programs made by others. This is about bridging the traditional gap between business and IT.

Pushing the frontier of the possible

During our consulting journey, we have developed a passion for problem solving and a deep industry knowledge:capabilities created by technology and the specific needs and challenges of an industry.

Pushing the limits of the possible

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