Smart Document Automation

Generate complex documents from reusable data-aware building blocks

Generate complex documents from reusable data-aware building blocks

Make better decisions faster and generate complex documents

  • 1

    In a guided manner

    Use a contextual questionnaire to capture the minimal information needed to take a decision or generate a document

  • 2

    In an automated way

    Integrate decision and document automation APIs with your systems and databases

A simple, expressive and accurate tool

Unlike other document automation tools, Provingly can incorporate sophisticated decisions in the generation process (for instance, automate a legal assessment) and guarantee the correctness of the produced documents.

Generate documents in multiple languages

Provide a shared document generation service to guarantee all employees use the latest version of a document model

Compose documents from reusable data-aware building blocks

Model business data from scratch or reuse one of our existing data model blueprints

Define building blocks with dynamic content logic and a strongly typed interface

Program logic to dynamically generate all sorts of content: text, headers and footers, tables, lists, charts...

How it works

  • Model your business data

    Define key business concepts

    Model attributes and relationships

    Add validity constraints

    Model your business data
  • Model building blocks and documents

    Define data-aware building blocks, get a proof of correctness

    Assemble blocks into document structure

    Define logic for the dynamic content: conditions, iterations, dynamic lists and tables, graphs, grammatical variability

    Personalize front page, headers and footers

    Model building blocks and documents
  • Test the results automatically

    Define scenario data

    Define postconditions to be verified

    Test the results automatically
  • Deploy your application

    Publish a document generation service

    Share it across your organization and customers

    Deploy your application
  • Use our out-of-the-box questionnaire webapp

    Capture only the necessary data for the business situation at hand

    Ensure quality with robust validation

    Reuse data templates

    Integrate with your company data and systems

    Eliminate the need for manual data entry

    Enable batch processing