The NewRealEstate Project: Modeling Lease Contracts

A step-by-step guide to legal modeling for document generation on a real-world example

The NewRealEstate Project: Modeling Lease Contracts

One day in the life of a document modeler

We consider a real-world example and show to analyze business and legal requirements.

  • Model a business domain

    Model a business domain

    Model realistic business data with robust validity constraints

  • Model legal requirements

    Model legal requirements

    Automate legal reasoning with verifiable logic

  • Model a legal document

    Model a legal document

    Compose complex documents from reusable data-aware building blocks

Program, test and assemble building blocks

Program dynamic content from data:

Dynamic text

Conditioned elements and case reasoning on business entities

Document lists and tables defined by iterating on a collection of entities

Grammatical variations

Leverage Luego standard library of utility functions

Generate content in multiple languages

Validate the modeled content blocks immediately (exploratory testing with a contextual questionnaire)

Automate testing

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